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It all happens in less than < 25 seconds:

Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more! Rated 5/5 stars in 3,000+ reviews.
We consulted with the world’s best SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts to teach Jasper how to write blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more...

You copy-paste your Landing Page URL

First, you copy-paste your Landing Page URL into our form.

That's it. We don't require any more work from you starting now. It's gonna be all magic (and one tireless A.I.) from here.


Our A.I. reads your Landing Page

By studying your Landing Page with human-like intuition our A.I. will automatically identify and scrape:
The Product/Service Name of what you're promoting A full Description of the product/service you're promoting With this information, our A.I. can now write your Ad Copy with absolute accuracy and precision.

It's the same as describing your Product/Service to a human copywriter (but automatically done for you in < 3 seconds).


Boom! Our A.I. generates your top 1% Ad Copy

Finally, watch as our A.I. turns your Landing Page content into seductive, conversion-ready Ad Copy that will boost your sales instantly.
We've trained our A.I. with the same battle-tested Ad Copy formulas that have generated $1.5 Billion dollars in tracked sales - and that's exactly how we'll generate Ad Copy that's top 1% for your ads.
Our A.I. doesn't care about vanity metrics - it only cares about high ROAS and total world domination.

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UnicornCopy.AI supported platforms

UnicornCopy.AI currently generates fully customized Ad Copy for each one of these platforms:


Facebook Ad Copy

Generate Ad Copy that can be used on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.


Google Ad Copy

Generate Ad Copy that can be used on Google Search and google Ads using UnicornCopy.AI.


LinkedIn Ad Copy

Generate Ad Copy that can be used on LinkedIn, Facebook and Audience Network.


TikTok Ad Copy

Generate Ad Copy that can be used on Tiktok to your amazing top 1% ad videos for audience.


Facebook Ad Primary Text

Create high converting copy for the 'Primary Text' section of your Facebook ads.


Facebook Ad Headline

Generate scroll-stopping headlines for your Facebook Ads to get prospects to click, and ultimately buy.


Google Ads Headline

Create high converting copy for the 'Headlines' section of your Google Ads for your business.


Perfect Headline

Trained with formulas from the world's best copywriters, this is sure to create high-converting for your business.


Website Sub-Headline

Create delightfully informative sub-headlines (H2) for your websites and landing pages.


AIDA Framework

Use the oldest marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


(PAS) Framework

A valuable framework for creating new marketing copy ideas.


Feature to Benefit

Turn your product features into benefits that compel action.


Engaging Questions

Ask your audience creative questions to increase engagement.


Persuasive bullet points

Generate persuasive bullet points to insert into landing pages, emails, and more.


Unique Value Propositions

Create a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer in a powerful way.

Work Process

How We Work


Enter your landing page

First, simply paste your landing page URL into Unicorn Copy AI and watch the magic start brewing.


Unleash The A.I.

Our A.I. will start reviewing your landing page and start generating relative ad content.


Start Getting Conversions

Start raking in the greenbacks! The ads generated by our A.I. have been optimized to produce the highest converting ad content known to humankind.

Our Pricing

Getting top 1% Ad Copy will cost you less than 1 coffee per day

  • Growth user
    Growth User

    $25.00 / M

    For brands looking to scale their online ads

  • 30 Ad Copy generations per month
  • "Done-For-You" Ad Copy A/b testing
  • All Ad Copy Formulas
  • Generate Ad Copy for any domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • Agency user
    Agency Plan

    $199.00 / M

    For agencies looking to serve their clients with state-of-the-art Ad Creative strategies.

  • Everything in UnicornCopy.AI 🦄
  • Unlimited Ad Creative Insights searches p/mo
  • +8 most decisive Ad Creative Strategy insights
  • All market niches available inside
  • Ad Types university (private course)
  • +23.8% Ad Creative Performance on average
  • power user
    Power User

    $99.00 / M

    For power brands looking to dominate with their online ads

  • Unlimited Ad Copy generations /m
  • "Done-For-You" Ad Copy A/b testing
  • All Ad Copy Formulas
  • Generate Ad Copy for any domain
  • 24/7 Support

Still having doubts about UnicornCopy.AI?

We know you have some questions in mind, so we've listed the most important ones:

Most frequently Answers
and Questions

Because we focus on one thing, and one thing only - making sure your ads convert as much as possibe by generating top 1% Ad Copy for your offer.
We don't just use an A.I. model as is - we custom-trained our A.I. with the Ad Copy formulas and User Insights from the top +11.500 ads on Facebook.
And finally, we are also the only Copywriting tool that's performance-driven, because we only make money when you make money.
This means that if you don't improve (or at least maintain) your ROAS after 7 days, you can ask for a full refund and we'll give you all of your money back. No questions asked.

That's not a problem!
You can still use our tool.
All you'll have to do is manually write a small description detailing what your offer is and we'll generate top 1% Ad Copy for you.

Everytime you generate Ad Copy for a Landing Page you'll get up to +100-150 usable variations of Ad Copy.
The only difference between the variations is the Type of Ad Copy inside of each (we have more than +7 high-converting Ad Copy formulas) and the mix Type of Ad Copy each variation might contain.

All Ad Copy variations are 100% customized to your offer and ready to use.
But don't worry! We also show you the best Ad Copy variations in order first - so you don't need to see more than 2-3 variations to get the absolute best Ad Copy we generated for you.

Mamma mia, for the time being we are an English-only tool.

We plan to integrate automated Ad Copy generation for all major languages in a very near future.


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