The Brain helps brands go from good to great.

For example, look at what achieved in 7 months:


Before using the Brain

  • 2.5 x 1st month ROAS
  • ~$25,000 in Sales

After using the Brain

  • 4.4 X 7th month ROAS
  • ~$1,400,000 in Sales
About Brain

We scale Ad Creatives by exploiting the insights that influenced Conversions in the past.

The Brain is a Creative Prediction dashboard that tells you exactly how to make your next Ad Creative (much) more profitable.

Here's why our data is the most reliable for Ad Creative strategy planning:

    Tedious so to behaved written account ferrars moments.


    We only extract insights from Ad Creatives that have generated more than +$50,000 in a single ad post.


    We extract Ad Creative insights for The Brain and Ad Copy Insights for UnicornCopy.AI.

  • $1.5 BILLON SALES.

    These ads also generated a combined $1.5 Billion dollars in Sales with over +250.000 conversions.

Some steps to follow

How to get started


Search for a keyword related to your offer


Apply all of our Ad Creative Insights


Woosh! Your Ad Performance reaches new heights

Because, what if your Ad Creatives
never failed again?

Here's how The Brain will help make that into a reality:

Search for a keyword related to your offer.

We scraped the top +30.500 Ad Creatives on Facebook & Instagram and we data-mined them for advertising insights.

By pitting the top 1% of ads on Facebook & Instagram against a sample of regular performing ads we found exactly which components turn a good ad into a great ad (and even into a top 1% ad).

Once you search for a keyword for you offer, you'll get access to our full suite of customized Ad Creative insights.


Apply all of our Ad Creative Insights

Once you search for your keyword, we'll let you know the proven answer to:

  1. The most profitable Ad Type for your offer
  2. The ideal length for your video creative
  3. If you should offer discounts on your ads
  4. If you should offer free shipping on your ads
  5. If you should include testimonials in your Ad Creative
  6. If you should send your users to a Homepage vs Product Page


πŸš€ Woosh! Your Ad Performance reaches new heights

By making data-backed Ad Creative decisions you make sure that you're not ever losing out conversions to proven mistakes.

It's like having the power of an Ad Creative that has been optimized by +7 A/b tests but without ever having to spend a dime on testing it.

Everytime you launch a new Ad Creative you can rest assured that it's as pre-optimized for conversions as possible.

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Still having doubts about The Brain?

Here are the most common questions (and how we solve them):

Most frequently Answers
and Questions

For the moment we only provide insights related to video creatives.

90% of our database is related to e-commerce, however, the insights translate well into other market segments.
We found through our own experience that Niches matter a lot more than the type of offer - this means that a Fitness Saas company will find our Fitness-niche Ad Creative insights just as useful as any fitness e-commerce company would.

Ad Types were first created at our mother-agency (Chamber.Media) to explain to each client what their brands required in terms of Ad Creatives.

They were so sucessful in scaling brands through social media ads that we implemented that insight on The Brain - yes, we even manually tagged all +31.500 Ad Creatives with 1/2 Ad Types!

And don't worry, because we include video-tutorials inside The Brain of how to produce each Ad Type

All of the insights we provide are "platform-agnostic", because we extract them from brands that use them on all social media platforms, and not only Facebook & Instagram ads.

With this being said, you can use the insights on the Brain to improve any video Ad Creative you want to promote on social media platforms